G'day, fellow Akehurst-ers

In my part of the world, we have just moved from 2017 to 2018 so it is time for me to wish you all a "Happy New Year.

Here is the traditional review of our activities in the year just gone.

Akehurst List statistics for 2017

The number of messages in 2017 (110) was about half the previous year's total. The busiest month was December (20) but we had a month (June) when no messages were posted. Where is everyone?

We have 150 members on the Akehurst List but only 25 posted this year - again down about 50% on 2016.  Thank you to all who contributed questions and thank you to all who contributed answers.

Subjects covered this year included:

As mentioned last year,  we look forward to you joining in this year. Your email does not have to be complicated - it can range from something as simple as "I am still here" to "My current brick wall is ...".  Address your email to <Akehurst@yahoogroups.com>  If you didn't post last year, what about making a New Year's Resolution to post at least one message?


I am not aware of any of our group who have passed away during the year. If I have missed anyone, please let me know as we should record them.

As part of our War Dead Project (see below), we paused to remember the centenary of the deaths of twenty-one servicemen who were killed in the Great War and the 75th anniversary of the deaths of four of our number who killed in the Second World War.  During 2018, we will mark the anniversaries (WWI, WWII, Vietnam) of another twenty-three of our Akehurst/Akhurst/Ackehurst kin who gave their lives for their country.

2017 Akehurst GetTogether

For the first time, we held a GetTogether in the New World (we normally hold the even-numbered years' meetings in the UK and the odd-numbered ones in Australia/NZ). Thirty-eight Akehurst-ers met in South Haven, Michigan, in September for the 3-day gathering, organised by Della, Libby, and Earl. It was great to meet up with old friends and to make new friends. We had an interesting program of presentations and spent a lot of time talking and comparing notes. A lot of time also seemed to be spent eating (note to self - do not order a large bowl of ice cream after a large meal and then expect to be able to concentrate on genealogy). Sitting watching the sun gently setting over Lake Michigan has a lot going for it! 

We return to Shoreham, in Sussex, for our next GetTogether, which will be held on the weekend of 21-23 September. We look forward to seeing many of you.

Akehurst Forest of Trees

Morwenna Akehurst continues to manage our 'forest of trees'. If you have any question about our collection of trees, please ask Morwenna. The addresses to use are via this List Akehurst@yahoogroups.com (so others can also join in the conversation) or KeeperOfTheTrees@akehurst.org

Akehurst One-Name Study

Apart from fielding (and asking) questions, a large part of the year seems to have been taken up with processing the data extracted from the 1939 Register of England & Wales (which was the census equivalent taken on the eve of the Second World War). There are almost 1,500 Akehursts (& variants) and I am slowly placing them in the already-established trees. At the present rate, there will be about 100 who cannot be placed in our trees. I will eventually publish the list of 'found but with no known home' on the Akehurst List and bring a copy to the Shoreham GetTogether so we can all work on the problem.

We are always on the look-out for BDM certificates (from anywhere in the world). If you would like to contribute, please scan them and send the to ONS@akehurst.org

Akehurst DNA Project

The Akehurst DNA Project (at FamilyTreeDNA) now has eleven members who have participated in the Y-DNA part of the project. The results are beginning to show interesting connections. Also, there are an unknown number of our members who have taken an autosomal test (au DNA).  If you have done an au DNA test, please contact our Akehurst DNA Project team at DNA@akehurst.org as they can provide ' what to do next' advice.

We are very interested in hearing from people who are willing to take a DNA test, particularly a Y-DNA test. The more who join, the greater the chance of answering the question, "Do all Akehurst, Akehurst, Ackhurst, Ackehurst families share the one origin?".

The Akehurst War Dead Project

Alan Pett is coming to the end of his data collection of information about our people who have died serving their country during time of conflict. There are now 87 names on our Roll of Honour  - from three wars (WWI, WWII, Vietnam), plus the 'Yangtze Incident', and from the Armed Services of seven countries.  Ten of the people on our Roll stubbornly refuse to be connected in to an existing tree - another list we will publish on this Akehurst List and bring along to the GetTogether.

The project will conclude later this year so, if you have any information about one of your relatives who died in time of war, please let Alan know sharpish. His email address is AkehurstWarDead@akehurst.org

The Akehurst-er website

Angela Hollands is our Webmaster and maintains our 'public face' with our website. If you have any information you would like published, give her a call, at Webmaster@akehurst.org. Have a look at our website - www.akehurst.org - and see the material she has already put up.

The Akehurst Family History Society

The Akehurst Family History Society operates in the background and supports the above functions. The society meets formally every second year and you are invited to come to the next meeting, which will be on the Sunday morning of the GetTogether in Shoreham in September.  If you want to know more about our Society, contact the Chairman at Chairman@akehurst.org.

In conclusion, a big thank you to the people who contribute to the various workings of the Akehurst Family History Society. Without your input we, collectively, would achieve very little.


David (D-Oz) ... List Owner of the Akehurst List