Akehurst List Statistics for 2015

We posted 125 messages to the Akehurst List during the year (this is the 126th). This is down on previous years and is probably explained by a number of members replying directly to me instead of through the List.  We scored zero messages in September and that has never occurred before.

There are 146 members on the Akehurst List, but it is not known how many are actually getting the List's postings. People change their email addresses and often don't bother to change the address to which the messages are sent.  It's like moving house and forgetting to tell the milkman (remember them?)!

 If you receive this email and haven't posted a message to the Akehurst List for a long while, I would _really_ appreciate you letting us know you (and your account) are still alive.  Simply post a message to
Akehurst@yahoogroups.com with a bit about where you are with your research.

The subjects discussed during 2015 included:

All this would not happen without the small band of people who work together to ' keep it all afloat'. These people willingly contribute their time, expertise, and money to provide you with the service that most take for granted. Thank you for your help.

Best wishes for 2016.  It's a Leap Year, so you have an extra day to break down your genealogical brick wall.


David (D-Oz) ... List Owner of the Akehurst List

During the year we noted the passing of

We also noted the passing on 1 April 2015 - Geoff, husband of our webmaster Angela Hollands, in England and on 16 April 2015 - Ralph, husband of Bonnie Lee Corban, in the USA.

Our thoughts are with the families.

If you missed any postings that interest you, simply ask the other members of the Akehurst List ... by posting your query to Akehurst@yahoogroups.com.

Thank you to the 26 members who kept this List alive by posting questions and, more particularly, answers. The bouncing of questions and answers all helps to keep the research progressing.

Also thank you to Colin Ackehurst who looks after the requests for subscription and email address change.

2015 Akehurst GetTogether

An odd-numbered year, so it was time for the traditional Antipodean GetTogether and fourteen of us met in Melbourne on the weekend of 7-8 November. We managed to attract researchers from Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, making it (almost) a truly national event.  A number of connections - both expected and unexpected -  were made and we all came away enthused to extend the collaboration.

The next gathering will be the 2016 Akehurst GetTogether and it will be held in Barham, Kent, on the weekend of 16-18 September.  Keep your eye on the footer at the bottom of these postings for updates.

Akehurst Forest

Morwenna continues to do a good job as our Keeper Of The Trees. Using the information gleaned from trees submitted by our members, Morwenna continues to answer most questions put to her.  Submitted trees are the lifeblood of our 'forest of trees' so please keep Morwenna updated with your latest tree. Simply send them to her at KeeperOfTheTrees@akehurst.org.  Questions to Morwenna are best sent via the Akehurst List to give a chance for others with information to join in the discussion.

Akehurst One-Name Study

The Akehurst One-Name Study is still busily collecting information relating to Akehurst and Akhurst and other variants. Emphasis is slowly moving away from data collection to data analysis and this is reflected in the questions put to the Akehurst List.  The trees being 'grown' are seeded exclusively from primary data.

The Akehurst ONS is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies - 
www.one-name.org - and our presence on the Guild's website provides a slow flow of questions. These are answered using material from our ONS, by asking our Keeper of the Trees, or by posting a question to the Akehurst List.

Akehurst Family History Society

The Akehurst Family History Society is the organisation which co-ordinates all the above strands. The Society meets formally once every two years - the next meeting will be held as part of the 2016 GetTogether in Barham next September. 

If you have any questions about the Akehurst FHS, just send an email to Chairman@akehurst.org

Akehurst DNA Project

The Akehurst DNA Project is still looking for participants. As people join the project, we are beginning to see clusters forming however, we are still a long way from answering the question "Do all Akehurst, Akehurst, Ackhurst, Ackehurst families share the one origin?".  If you have a male ' name holder' who would be willing to join our project, we would love to hear from him/them (or you). Send an email to DNA@akehurst.org to get the ball rolling. 

For information about the project, visit www.familytreedna.com/public/Akehurst

The Akehurst-re website

Angela Hollands, our webmaster, is doing a great job keeping our website fresh.  If you have not seen it recently, go to www.akehurst.org and have a look. 

Angela is always on the look-out for news, so please send items to her at Editor@akehurst.org