Review of 2013

Here is the now-traditional report of activities on the Akehurst List's mailing list for the year which is rapidly drawing to a close.

A complete report of the activities of the Akehurst Family History Society, the Akehurst One-Name Study, and the Akehurst DNA Project will be presented at the 2014 Akehurst GetTogether.

Akehurst List statistics:

It was a very quiet year on the Akehurst List with only 131 messages being posted (counting this one). My own Akehurst mailbox total 850
emails - exactly half of 2012's activity. Both totals reflect that I was occupied on non-Akehurst tasks for much of the year. (tip: don't take on the Secretary's role for a retirees' club - you'll get worked almost to death!)

The lack of message to the List also probably reflects that:

There are currently 138 members subscribed to the Akehurst List, up two from the previous year, although only twenty-six posted to the List during 2013.

We have no way of knowing how many of these 138 are receiving the Akehurst List postings, as members change email addresses without advising the Akehurst List servers (or the Moderator). It is hoped to do a ' roll call' at some stage to check for bounced emails. If you receive an email from us, please reply ... no reply could mean you disappear from the Akehurst List during the housekeeping.

The changes to the layout and management of Yahoo!Groups' pages have made it much harder to come up with a list of topics covered, but here's a brief list of what we discussed during the year:

Thank you to all who posted questions/answers/comments to the List during the year. It is interesting to see what subjects were raised. If you are discussing your research with someone, why not add the Akehurst List as a cc: - there are many people who may be able to contribute.

If you have any questions about the operation of the Akehurst List;

send an email to <>. To post to the Akehurst List,

address your email to <> and remember to post in plain text. Finally, a thank-you to Colin for working in the ' back room' making sure the Akehurst List keeps functioning.

It's your List and we welcome all items of interest to Akehurst/Ackehurst/Ackhurst/Akhurst research.


The 2013 Antipodean Akehurst GetTogether was held in Perth, Western Australia, on 16 November. Many thanks to Liz Rushton for volunteering(!?) to run the day. Even though the population of Western Australia is much less than that of Australia's Eastern States, and much, much less than the population of the United Kingdom, Liz managed to assemble almost as many Akehurst-ers as the
other venues could muster in other years.

We are in the early stages of planning for the 2014 Akehurst GetTogether - hopefully, it will be in Sussex in mid-September. We have been holding these gatherings every second year since 1998 and they are a great opportunity for Akehurst-ers around the world to gather to exchange information and learn about the latest research tips/techniques.

You will have noticed a mention above to the medals of Gunner Charles Akehurst. They were auctioned late in December and I was lucky enough to purchase them. When they arrive (early next year!) I will post a message to the Akehurst List as I would like to pass the medals on to one of his descendants.  Talking of World War I medals, don't forget we are seeking contributions to the Akehurst War Dead Project. As next year is the centenary of the commencement of ' the war to end all wars', Alan Pett is collecting material and references to Akehursts (of any spelling variant) who have died in any war. If you have any material to contribute, or have any questions, or offers of help,

Contact Alan at <>.


For yet another year we have not published an issue of "The Akehurst-er". If no-one sends material to Steve Akhurst, our editor, then that sadly will remain the case. Articles, long or short, are welcome - simply send them to <>


Our website, at, is our main public face and thank you to Angela who keeps it up to date. Of course, she cannot create stuff out of thin air and relies on us to keep feeding her with material.

Our webmaster is easy to contact - simply send an email to <>.

Morwenna continues to work on our ' forest of trees' and to answer questions from her database. Like any forest, our ' forest of trees' requires maintenance. If you have recently been weeding and grafting your tree, please send a copy to Morwenna, preferably in GEDCOM format, at <>.


After a great rush in 2012, the progress in the Akehurst DNA Project has stopped. All we need to continue the progress made in 2012 is for some male Akehurst/Ackhurst/Akhurst members to provide a simple cheek swab for testing. The Akehurst DNA Project team have contributed some funds and are willing to organise the DNA kits at a discounted rate ... all we need are volunteers.


Ah, yes! Thank you to the dedicated few who have been keeping the Akehurst Family History Society alive. What we'd like is for a few more people to offer to help.

If I've missed anything/anyone important, my apologies. If you send  me an email, at <>, I will send out an addendum.

In closing, I'd like to wish you all the best for the remaining couple of hours of 2013 and for a happy and enjoyable 2014.


David (D-Oz) ... List Owner of the Akehurst List