Review of 2012

This review primarily relates to the operation of the Akehurst Mailing List. A full report of the activities of the Akehurst Family History Society, the Akehurst One-Name Study, and the Akehurst DNA Project was presented at the 2012 Akehurst GetTogether which was held Canterbury in September (last year / this year, depending where you happen to be at present <grin>). It is in the Files Area.

Akehurst List statistics:

During 2012, there were 210 messages posted to the List, two more than for the previous year (my own Akehurst mailbox scored almost 1700 messages (both in and out), well up on last year).

There are currently 136 members subscribed to the Akehurst List, up three from the previous year.

Thirty-two members posted to the List during the year, well up on 2011's fourteen.

The Akehurst List is the place to announce your queries / problems / successes.

Some of the topics covered during the year were:

(Not all of those were discussed on the Akehurst List. If you have any queries, first check the List Archives and then give me a call)

Thank you to all who posted to the List during the year - whether it was a question, an answer, or a comment. Thank you, also, to everyone for staying on topic as it makes the Moderator's job so much easier. Talking of the Moderator, a thank you to Colin for his behind-the-scenes work keeping the Akehurst List running. List management is a thankless task, but not in this case ... thank you, Colin!

If you have any questions about the operation of the Akehurst List, send an email to

To post to the Akehurst List, address your email to and remember to post in plain text.

It's your List and we welcome all items of interest to Akehurst/Ackehurst/Ackhurst/Akhurst research.

Elsewhere in the Akehurst World

THE 2012 AKEHURST GETTOGETHER was held at Thanington (nr Canterbury) in September. It was an excellent weekend of talks (and talking) and exchanging tree information (and talking) and enjoying the companionship (and talking!). Thank you to Alan and his team for arranging the weekend. All went smoothly until Alan took a tumble and arrived sporting a black eye, lacerations, and broken spectacles.

The ' new kid on the block' this year is the Akehurst War Dead Project. We are aiming to produce a booklet late in 2013 to commemorate the Akehursts (of all spelling variants) who fell in the service of their country. Alan Pett is coordinating the project and is on the look-out for any material. We already have records from the 'obvious' sites, such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and various National/County Archives but we need your help for the more personal material. We have a growing collection of photographs of their headstone/memorials and are looking to complete the full set in time for publication. If you have any material to contribute, or have any questions, or offers of help,

Contact Alan at

The 2012 GetTogether saw the advent of A(c)(k)(e)hurst clothing. Morwenna managed to secure a supply of windcheater's and polo shirts with ' your choice of spelling'. Thank you, Morwenna. Mine has been worn to a number of genealogy meetings and has always received comments such as "why doesn't our FHS do that?". If you are interested in getting an item of clothing, see the website for details, or contact Morwenna at

The Akehurst website - at - continues to be our public face. Our webmaster, Angela, does a great job keeping it up to date. If you have anything of interest for her, send an email to

Our ' forest of trees' continues to grow under Morwenna's care. We are continually amazed at the amount of information she has in the forest. Morwenna asks that we remember to send her the occasional updated tree. Email them, preferably in GEDCOM format, to her at

The "Akehurst-er" newsletter. Again, no issue was published this year. That will probably remain the case until more people submit articles for Steve, our Editor, to assemble into a new edition. Articles, long or short, are welcome - simply send them to

If I've missed anything/anyone important, my apologies. If you send me an email, at, I will send out an addendum.


David (D-Oz) ... List Owner of the Akehurst List

The Akehurst DNA Project is slowly gaining members. Early in 2012, we had a surprise find where a long-established Brighton-Akehurst (Sussex) tree showed a very close DNA match to a Hackington/Sturry Akhurst (Kent) tree. This has encouraged us to find the (paper) link between these Akehurst & Akhurst families. The DNA team (Colin, David, Richard) may be reached at

New participants are most welcome, as are donations to help fund the testing.