This review primarily relates to the operation of the Akehurst Mailing List.

A full report of the activities of the Akehurst Family History Society, the Akehurst One-Name Study, and the Akehurst DNA Project will be presented at the 2012 Akehurst GetTogether in Canterbury later this year.

Akehurst List statistics
During last year (2010!), there were 208 messages posted to the List, well down from the 321 messages the previous year. There are currently 133 members subscribed to the Akehurst List, up six from the previous year, however only fourteen of the 133 posted to the List during the year.

There are two simple message to note: if you don't post your queries, you don't get them answered; if you don't post any of your research/finds, no-one else gains.

My own Akehurst mailbox scored 1200 messages (both in and out), also down on last year. Even though it was well down, the Akehurst traffic left me little time to pursue my own family history. Ah well, there's always 2012! [:)]

Topic covered during the year included

(Not all of those were discussed on the List. If you have any queries, first check the List Archives and then give me a call)

Elsewhere in the Akehurst world
The Akehurst website - at <> -continues to be maintained by our Webmaster, Angela Hollands. Angela is always on the lookout for material - if you have anything which may be of interest, please give her a call.

You will have probably noticed there has been no issue of "The Akehurst-er" newsletter during the year. That is because our Editor, Steve Akhurst, has not received enough material to warrant it. If you want to see another edition, you will need to provide him with material. Steve is the newsletter's Editor, not the Author ... that's your job.

Thank you
A thank you to all who assisted in keeping the Akehurst List alive.  Particular thanks go to Colin Ackehurst for his work in the background managing the List.

A thank you to Morwenna for keeping track of all our trees. They form the basis for the answers to the many queries we receive.

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