Happy New Year and welcome to 2010 ! As I type this, almost all of us are safely into 2010. The only exception are the Akehurst-ers in British Columbia, and they are busily uncaging the corks.

The List was quite quiet this year, with only 249 messages being posted. The postings for the individual months were: Jan: 51; Feb: 28; Mar: 30; Apr: 9; May: 19; Jun: 18; Jul: 23; Aug: 15; Sep: 4; Oct: 11; Nov: 31; Dec: 10. Coincidentally, the quietest months were April and September, when I was away. My own Akehurst mailbox ticked over 1300 messages (both in and out), so it was still a busy year.

There are 110 members on the List. Two more requests arrived overnight and Colin, our List Moderator, will no doubt switch them on as soon as he has recovered from his New Year's Eve (and birthday) celebrations.

There is a huge amount of collective wisdom on the List and a big thank you to all who have contributed - it is your List and it there to discuss A(c)(k)(e)hurst genealogy and family history. If you have not posted your research interests to the List for some time, why not do it now? With 110 List members, there is an ever-increasing chance that one of your long-lost cousins will be there looking for you.

During the year we recorded the passing of

and the birth of  Gavin Ray Akehurst, son of Nathan & Candace of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in March.

Research questions (and, generally, answers) related to:

  1. Alan and Trish Akhurst, of the Candlebridge Carrying Company
  2. Albert Ernest Akehurst (1864-1934)
  3. Alexander Akehurst (b.1747, Ely)
  4. Alexander AKEHURST, in a conveyance dated 23/12/1802
  5. Alfred Akehurst (b.1876, Whitesmith), who md Charlotte Louisa Worwood
  6. Amos Jenner Akehurst (b.1833, Burwash), who md Naomi Russell (Campany connection)
  7. Arthur Charles Akehurst appearing momentarily in Hong Kong in 1899
  8. Arthur George Akehurst (1888-1914), the 'contaminated water' man
  9. Arthur Pursell Akehurst and the Eureka Stockade
  10. Arthur William Ackehurst, mentioned in the Dover War Memorial project
  11. Clara Adeline Akhurst (b.1860), who md Edward James Mulholland in Roma, Queensland
  12. David & Grace Akehurst in China in the 1930's
  13. Elizabeth Akehurst (b.1819-?), who md Charles Hendley
  14. Ellen Akehurst (b.1855), who md Henry Hygate
  15. Florence Ellen Akhurst (b.1874) dau of the elusive Adrian Charles
  16. Frederick Wm Akhurst (1866-1944) who md. Rachel Kirkstall
  17. George Ackhurst, KiA at Ypres 4/10/1917
  18. Harold Archdeacon [yep, his middle name] Akehurst (1878-1924)
  19. Hazel & Jennah Akehurst, of Sussex, who climbed to the Everest Base Camp
  20. Henry Akehurst (1816-1856), who md Margaret Donnellan in Melbourne in 1856
  21. Henry Akehurst (1825-1893), who md. Harriett Christmas
  22. Henry Akhurst, who md Sarah Hoy
  23. Ivy Selina Akehurst (1906-1994), who md. Charles Clarke
  24. Jane(t) Harriet Akhurst (d. Sydney, 1862)
  25. John Carden Akehurst (b.1836), who md Mary Ann Bennett
  26. John Edward Akhurst, (b.1855, Thurnham) - his mother was one of the original Spice Girls
  27. John a [Joan or Joanna?] Akehurst (b.c1510), who md John Harmer (at Heathfield, c.1525)
  28. Len & Dorothy Akehurst, missionaries at Doomadgee in the 1930's
  29. Letitia Marie Akehurst, who md. Thomas Apps
  30. Louisa Akehurst (b.1871) who md. Hy Boniface and then Wm Jas Boniface
  31. Mr Akehurst, Vice-master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1645
  32. Ronald Douglas Akhurst (1938-2009), who md Margery Williams
  33. Samuel Cinderford Akehurst (1751-1833)
  34. Sarah Akerst in the Teynham Tithe c.1801) and Stephen in Sturry Tithes
  35. Stephen Akehurst (c1805-1842), md Elizabeth in Leeds in 1842
  36. Stephen Akehurst (1806-1842), who married Elizabeth Evers
  37. Victor Hugo Akhurst, who the census transcriber thought was Austrian!
  38. William Akehurst, who md Eliza Wratten (Hellingly, 8/4/1837)
  39. William Henry Akehurst, 23rd Bn, Royal Fusiliers
  40. William Vincent Akehurst, an auctioneer in Melbourne in the 1850s

Not all of those were discussed on the List. If you have any queries, first check the List Archives and then give me a call.

 A number of files were added to our Files Area on YahooGroups:

(If you cannot get in to the Files Area, let me know and I will take you through the process)

Elsewhere in the Akehurst-er world, the highlight of the year was the 2009 Antipodean GetTogether in Hamilton, New Zealand in January. A wonderful weekend, organised by Ngaire Paterson, where fourteen of us made lots of contacts and learned a lot about Maori culture. The only hiccough was our car's ignition key jamming as we were trying to get to dinner. Hours (and hours!) later we defaulted to burger and chips being brought to the motel room.

The biggest event this year will be the 2010 Akehurst GetTogether.
This will be held at the Barbican, Lewes, on the weekend of 17-20 September. Ink the dates into your diary! I look forward to seeing you there.

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ooRoo (and Happy New Year)

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