Judith Akhurst (our Registrar of Documents Researched) sent the following message to the Akehurst Mailing List, which we believe warrants distribution to all Akehurst researchers as the message contains suggestions, which will help our research. "… Add another dimension to your holiday snaps When you are having a day off from Record Office and the computer, and are out in the open air studying gravestones in churchyards - act like a tourist and photograph war memorials containing Akehurst and variants. A photo of all the names would be ideal. (Seeing a non-Akehurst family name may prove a link to that area what otherwise may have been missed.)  

The photograph should be readable even with a magnifying glass. Make a note of the name of the church, street, village/town, county and country plus your name and address. Please send us a copy so it can be added to the Archives.  If the memorials are in the church please ask permission to take a photograph. If you run out of film a hand written list of names is also acceptable but you may suffer from writer's cramp, a stiff back and a cold bottom -and a wet one, if it is raining. Who said research was easy? This pastime is ideal for the photographic fanatics who have no time for genealogy. Combination of the two hobbies - potential bliss and harmony. Happy snapping!

Photographs in Akehurst Family History Research Photography used in the website and added to Family History Archives

Photos sent to the website will be used as part of the website art and also added to Family History Archives.

Church photos:  If the church is to large  to get the whole church into the picture, you can break it down in to parts which must over lap as below. So they can be stitched together

This technique can be used in landscapes and cemeteries to extend the photos, if you needed to increase the height to included a steeple do remember to do a full layer of photos across the whole area you are putting together.

This Photo is made up of 5 photos stitched  together