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This is the area where you are encouraged to make a request for information. As the printed and Internet circulation of the newsletter increases to fellow researchers, the likelihood of someone having that vital piece of information becomes more of a reality as has been proven in some of these pages.  


Betty Holford - Smith  Top   

I’m stuck for the date and place of my James Henry A(c)khurst born 15.3.1789 to Harriet Ward (b 1780). It seems to be a bit of a habit to leave getting married until just before the birth of the first child. So it may be late 1814 or early 1815 - but where?

Any takers on this? You can write to Betty at Greenacres, 5 Lynwood Avenue, Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK, IP11 9HS.

Hazel Mitchell  Top

I believe from a family rumour that possibly John Akhurst b.c. 1788 and Abraham Akhurst b.c. 1790 were involved in smuggling and ‘disappeared’ on one of their escapades. Another story has it that two members of the family ‘disappeared’ as a result of being ‘press ganged’, presumably the same two...... Although there were 4 brothers in this particular family, only two appear in any of the Censuses for Milton next Sittingbourne and, they were always involved in fishing/marine activities.

Foot note:

At the time of the 1851 Census these two brothers would have been 63 and 61. Their younger brother Thomas (12 years younger) married and his first two sons were named John & Abraham. Were Thomas’s two sons named after his missing elder brothers? Who knows, you may have the answers. Thomas and his sons are confirmed as all being Mariners and living in Milton at the time of the 1851 Census. (Info. from Bill Hopkins).

Elizabeth & Catherine nee Akehurst Top

David Murdock had a phone call from Royal Oak in Michigan from Elizabeth Akehurst and an E-Mail from her sister Catherine in Springfield Illinois.They are requiring some assistance in tracing their Grandfather’s lineage, Albert George Akehurst born 15th January 1900 in Woolwich it is possible he lived in Tunbridge Wells and Gravesend before emigrating to America as a young man.

Dot Akhurst Top

From Wales, says she feels very isolated with her husband’s family roots stuck in Devon. The tree is stuck at 1797 and Dot is looking for some help to get back further. Dot continues......I had an agent search Stoke Damarel Baptisms from 1770 -1780 but no luck.


The tree itself is intriguing, there are numerous variations of the name which finally ends up as AKHURST. There is also a common thread with the Milton Akhurst’s in as much that many of the men folk are mariners. Another interesting point is that MINNIE is a popular name for the Akhurst Family which crops up in many trees.

Why? Could it be the Plymouth connection originally stems from Kent?

Missing researcher  Top

We would like to contact Mr. G. Akehurst, who advertised in the 1988 GRD, as a little research suggests he is a descendant of Arthur Purcell Akehurst or of his brother, Alfred Cephus Akehurst. A letter to the address given in the 1988 GRD came back stamped "left address". ls anyone able to provide a more recent address than Tanilba Bay , NSW?

Lorraine Ballard (Auckland, NZ) is also stuck, and would like some help.  Top

She writes "Information is sought on Mary AKHURST who married Joseph EELES.  The couple had a son, Andrew, who was baptized at St.Dunstan's, Canterbury, Kent, on 25 Aug 1823. Also a daughter, Maria. who was born in Rainham, Kent, about 1829. Andrew and Maria moved to Manchester for a while. In 1857 Maria married Irishman James G. C. BALLARD in Manchester. It is not known whether the parents moved up to Manchester or not.  Maria's father's occupation was given as an Innkeeper In Dec 1898. Maria was living in Liverpool and then disappeared. Andrew EELES and his family eventually settled in Melbourne. Australia. where he died in 1890" Lorraine's address is Miss L Ballard. 125 Churchill Rd. Rothesay Bay Auckland 1310. New Zealand.  Would the researchers who are from the North Kent family of Akhurst particularly, Rainham, Bredhurst, Milton, Blean, Canterbury and in the North Manchester areas please check their records for Lorraine and see if you can make a connection.

David Evans Top

David Evans has reached an impasse with his research into his g-g-grandfather, William Akehurst, and is asking for help/advice. William was born in London in 1839-41 (depending which source is used).  From his marriage certificate we have 1839, father James painter): from his son's birth certificate we have 1840, in London: and from his death certificate we have 1841, in London, parents James {painter) and , Mary (m/n Unknown).  There appear to be Only three possible entries in the St.Cath's index. After expending a little money he know s William wasn't born in 1841 (Fletching, parents Frederick & Mary), 1837 (Marylebone, parents George & Mary), 1839 (E. Grinstead, parents Edward & Mary).  William and his wife are on the 1861 census, where his age was given as 20 and place of birth as St.George Hanover Square. Checking St. George Hanover Square in the 1851 census reveals Edward and Mary Akehurst (possibly the same ones on the 1839 birth certificate?) and their six children.  The only problems are the father's name is not James, Edward is a poulterer not a painter, and there is a l0 yr old Frederick instead of 10 yr old William! The question he asks is "What do I do next?

Mrs Desma Russell (Auckland, N,Z,)  Top

Has recently joined our Akehurst-er family, Desma has just begun researching Akhurst after finding her g-g-grandparents were Henry Tidy and Ann Akhurst, who were married at Faversham, Kent, on 16 November 1819.  The Faversham Parish Registers are not available through the LDS FHC, but Desma went through the 1603-1812 Bishop's Transcripts, All she found was a marriage on 5 January 1802 at Faversham of Sophie Akers to Thomas Harris.  If anyone has access to the Parish Registers and Settlement documents, Would they please contact an 'electronic Akehurster for Desma's address.

Ian & Jillian King (Perth, Australia) Top

Any lead on George Akhurst. Presumed parents are George, a farmer, and Frances nee Cair, Akhurst. Birth place given as Sheldrich (near Faversham) Kent, c1826. Immigrated to Sydney, Australia arriving 6th July 1849 on the "John Witt".

Colleen & Rob Russell  Top

Colleen and Rob Russell from Canberra, Australia would like to know if any one has information on Hannah Russell married Stephen Akehurst 19th May 1807 at Little Horsted, East Sussex. Stephen was born at Herstmonceaux and baptised at Hellingly. They have found only found 1 daughter Phillis Akehurst married Samuel Hayward.

Can DNA help?  Top

After many years working on the Akehurst Family tree we came up with a brick wall, only one William Akehurst born Mayfield, Sussex, England 1775 and two Family trees leading off.

When both families claimed the William was their parental link and line.  

Then at the 2016 Get Together we came to a decision to splitting the trees apart until we find an answer to the problem.  We came to a conclusion to try the new DNA test on ancestry.  

The results were very interesting.  

Akehursts of Willingdon Help Wanted  Top

I am trying to find any descendants of Frederick William Akehurst & his wife Kezia Akehurst (Nee Harris) In 1911 they lived at No3 Ranscombe Farm Cottages, The Glynde / South Malling.  Frederick was born in East Dean as was his wife Kezia.

Frederick was a Cowman & they had six Children between 1885 & 1890 namely; Wilfred, Jessie,Alice,Thomas, Emily & George (I think KIA in Belgium 1917) Private Scots Guards.

All the Children to my understanding were born in Willingdon.

If anyone is connected to this family I would love to hear from you.

Edward Ellis

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Akehursts of Willingdon Help Wanted