Notes from Morwenna:  As the Minutes from the meeting appear to have got mislaid somewhere, I have just come across some notes I made at the time. Judith said it was a happy & sad occasion - remembering Amy and David Murdock, who had recently died. On the other hand, Steve & Gill had achieved a surprise baby! (Probably toddling by now!) Amy's children, we were told, would continue doing family history, they would be retiring in a few years which should help. David Brown had married Linnea, and now had a baby, which had slowed their researches somewhat.

Gail said Amanda Akehurst was to marry David Horton in Lincoln.  Janet Akehurst was proposed as Treasurer by Morwenna, Angela Hollands seconded the motion.  Gail was proposed as Secretary by Angela, Janet seconded the motion.  Dave Evans unfortunately didn't manage to send his report in in time. He was unable to attend due to his Father's serious illness. (His Father has subsequently died, and we all entirely understand, and send our condolences I am sure.) Gail offered to organise the next Meeting in 2006 in Lincoln.

Morwenna spoke about the Tree Numbering System. Judith thought each person should have their own number, so each tree could be easily identified with its researcher. Morwenna saw problems with that method, but understood what she was getting at. Morwenna offered to change it if desired, but the assembled company were kind enough to tell her to leave it as it was for the time being anyway.

We had many trees on display, also a display of items of yesterday from Morwenna’s Museum - including a 1920's wedding dress, pocket hankies & scarves from the Boer War, a pair of squirrel wrist warmers, Carbolic soap (the smell brought back some memories!) and many other items. Also, there were old photographs of many Akehursts of yesteryear, and the houses they lived in. A book of Certificates (BDM&c) and newspaper cuttings. There was a library of family history interest books, many about Sussex.

We also had an outing to see round the house Akehurst which belonged to the family in the 16th Century.  Altogether, though "I says it myself", I think it was a very good weekend, and I am sorry more people could not spare the time to join us. Better luck next time? Perhaps Lincoln will.

Akehurst Family History Society - Get Together 2004 AFHS Gathering at Battle, Sussex - 11 September 2004

Mandy Willard, Brian Akehurst,  Norrie Akhurst, Angela Hollands and Lesley Watson Walker

Janet Akehurst, Judith Akhurst, Morwenna Akehurst and Gail Balfe

Biennial Meeting held at The Almonry,

The High Street, Battle,

East Sussex.



 11 and 12 September 2004

Janet Akehurst Judith Akehurst Gail Balfe Lesley  Watson Walker Angela Hollands Mandy Willard