Although research started many years back, it wasn't until 1993 when a stray Fidonet message originating in the UK found itself in America and opened up a whole new advent in Genealogical research there were 4 of us then. The internet pushed these boundaries to a new limit, we are now 470 researchers strong, with more contacts, friends and relatives being found and research made easier than ever before.

If you are an Akehurst or have Akehurst family connections, we invite you to join the world family of Akehurster's.

The family didn't move far, but there is a distinct migration of the name from Sussex to North Kent or vice versa. The family are not wealthy landowners. They preferred to work the land as farm labourers. This may account for a high percentage of  present day descendants having or enjoying some connection with Gardening, The Arts, The Sea, Agriculture and even successful horse racing.

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This site is dedicated to the promotion of Genealogical research of the A(c)(k)(e)hurst family name which has spread to the four corners of the World.

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